Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Catnapped – Part II

OK Kitties.  I have to confess, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  I knew something was going on, there was lots of running about and putting things into bags.  Then the Prisoner Transport Unit (PTU came out.  I made a break for behind the sofa, but mum was too quick for me and before I knew what was happening, I was bundled into the PTU and into the boot of the car.  I wasn’t a happy kitty, and howled my displeasure all the way there.

So now I’m a prisoner on the big boat thing.  I’ve spent the last day or so marching up and down looking displeased, but it doesn’t seem to be doing very good.  Mum won’t let me out because I don’t know where I am.  I can’t see out of the windows either, but they have let me out in the front where I can look out the front window.  I can’t get out though, cos I’ve tried.

I have stopped hiding under the chair though.  The big boat thing is full of funny smells and different noises.

The other problem is that there are only two chairs, which is not good when there are 3 of us.  Every time one of them gets up, I leap into the vacant chair – and they are not really big enough to share.


The only reason there isn’t enough room is because there are too many cushions!


The bed isn’t too bad either, although the duvet makes a funny noise. 

Fear not Kitties – I’m a big fat ginger brave cat.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Kitties, I've been catnapped!! Send rescue party ASAP.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

DIY Blogging

If Mum won't update my blog, then I'll do it!


Once I've had a bit of a nap, of course.

I'm a big fat ginger keeping the keyboard warm cat.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Prawns for a Good Kitty

Mum just wanted me to let you all know that I'm not still in the Dog (Cat) House after the bitey incident.  We've all made up now - I knew she wouldn't hold out for long, and I've been a very good kitty all week.  So much so that I got prawns.  I think Dad was feeling a bit sorry for me, especially after they moved all the furniture in the lounge and my cushion went missing for a bit.


I likes prawns, even more than I likes Ham, or Corned Beef, and I really like Corned Beef.  Dad even peels them for me, bless him!  Well, I don't have any thumbs, do I?


I'm a big fat ginger full of prawns cat.

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