Friday, 28 January 2011

On the Cube

Now I've mastered the art of sitting in the Cube, it's time for something a little different.  Cube's are also very good for sitting on, as I will now demonstrate.


Look Mum, I've caught it.  Now a roll for good measure.


Wait, I see Snorgle Monster's approaching.


I'd better go get Mum, I think I've killed it.


Do you think she'll believe it wasn't me?

I'm a big fat ginger cat with a dead kitty cube.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hiding in the Cube

I have to say, this cube is becoming quite addictive.  It makes an excellent vantage point from which to survey my kingdom.


I don't think it's a very good hiding place, although with a bit of wriggling...


The paws give it away though, don't they?

I'm a big fat ginger not really hiding in my kitty cube cat.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More on the Kitty Cube

Now, I did mention that the kitty cube was good for sitting in, didn't I.


Well, I've been giving that a bit of a try.


It is a bit of a squeeze, especially for a big fat cat like me.


After all the excitement, it's time for a nap.

I'm a big fat ginger cat-napping cat.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Snoopervising & Calculating

Since Mum's been a bit slack, even though I have provided hours of entertainment with my new kitty cube, I have had to take things into my own hands and have been snoopervising the blogging.


It's very important to check your calculations, especially prior to blogging.


Don't worry Mum, I've got it all worked out.

I'm a big fat ginger calculating cat.

Friday, 21 January 2011

More Kitty Toys

I don't know about you kitties, but playing with all my new toys has left me exhausted.  I think Mum's feeling a bit guilty about leaving me home all alone while they go to the boat thing, but I'd much rather be here with all my new stuff than have to go into the PTU and then into the boot of the car.

Anyway, back to my new toys.  I got a Kitty Cube.


Dad was a bit scathing about the Kitty Cube, but there's lots of things you can do with it.  You can play with the dangly things.  You can drag the Cube around the room.  And, of course, you can sit in it.


Dad and I played a good game for ages last night.  He put all my toys inside the cube, and then I took them all out again.  We played this for ages.


You can hide your toys underneath it as well.  Dad doesn't think it will last very long!!  I can't think why he thinks that?


See. I'm ready to pounce.


and it's also good for chewing on!  It's no wonder I'm tired.

I'm a big fat ginger cat with new kitty cube.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Toys!

Mum bought me some new toys from Madcats, and the package arrived this morning.


I didn't know it was cat toys, but it certainly smelt interesting.  I helped Mum open it.


It was full of cat toys.  I got a Kitten Kong (even though I'm not a kitten anymore), but I liked that.


And then, I saw it.  The Stinkie Fish!


I really really like the stinky fish!  In fact, Mum thinks I went a bit funny. She's bought me catnip toys before, but I've not been that interested in them.  This must be real catnippy catnip, cos I really like this one.


I got some other cool stuff too, but will save that for tomorrow!

I'm a big fat ginger cat with a stinky fish.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Not so Scary a Picture

Yesterday's picture was a little scary, my Mum thinks.  Even I was a little afraid of myself!  So today, something much nicer.


I may look like I'm asleep, but just you try and get that remote control away from me!

I'm a big fat ginger cat who's got one eye on the remote.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


I see you.


I'm a big fat ginger close up cat

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'm Back & a Christmas Card!

Hello Friends.  You'll have noticed that I've been absent of late, which is all due to my Mum.  She says I haven't done anything interesting enough to blog about, but I can't believe that and think she's just making excuses. She has been severely told off, and has promised to try and do better.

So, Devon Grandma sent me a Christmas Card.  You may remember that she also sent me a Christmas Card in July, but she says that this time she knows it was really Christmas.  It was in a proper envelope with my name on and everything.


I had to check it out before I opened it.


Mum had to take it out of the envelope for me, but I helped.


There was a picture of a cat with a Captain's hat on - just like me!  Dad thinks he's Captain of the boat thing, but we all know he's wrong about that and it's my job.


It was a very nice Christmas Card, although I was a bit disappointed there were no kitty treats in the envelope.  However, Mum said that they would probably have gotten all squashed in the post, so she gave me some prawns to make up for it!

I'm a big fat ginger full up with prawns cat!

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