Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'm Back & a Christmas Card!

Hello Friends.  You'll have noticed that I've been absent of late, which is all due to my Mum.  She says I haven't done anything interesting enough to blog about, but I can't believe that and think she's just making excuses. She has been severely told off, and has promised to try and do better.

So, Devon Grandma sent me a Christmas Card.  You may remember that she also sent me a Christmas Card in July, but she says that this time she knows it was really Christmas.  It was in a proper envelope with my name on and everything.


I had to check it out before I opened it.


Mum had to take it out of the envelope for me, but I helped.


There was a picture of a cat with a Captain's hat on - just like me!  Dad thinks he's Captain of the boat thing, but we all know he's wrong about that and it's my job.


It was a very nice Christmas Card, although I was a bit disappointed there were no kitty treats in the envelope.  However, Mum said that they would probably have gotten all squashed in the post, so she gave me some prawns to make up for it!

I'm a big fat ginger full up with prawns cat!


  1. What a lovely Christmas Card Puss. We're glad to see you back. Are mum uses that , you've done nothing worth blogging excuse as well.

  2. Welcome back, Puss! We hope 2011 brings LOTS of prawns for you! :-)

  3. Hurrah! You're back.! We missed you, dear. Looking forward to seeing more of you in the new year.

  4. Hi Puss! We've missed you!! That's a great card you got!!

  5. Hi Captain Puss! :) Welcome back! Your Christmous card sure is nice - you have a terrific Grandma... and mom for giving you prawns! :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie


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