Friday, 23 April 2010

My Summer Collar

So, this week, I got a new collar.  Here’s a picture of both my old collar and my new one.

CIMG1231 Now, my new collar might be a nice blue colour, but it doesn’t have diamonds on it like my old one does, and it smells a bit funny.  However, Mum says it’s for the fleas.  That I don’t understand, if it’s for the fleas then why doesn’t she put it on the fleas?

They also took the bell off the old one and put it on the new collar.  I know you’re thinking, why does a big ginger man cat like me need a bell?   I know it’s not so I don’t catch birdies, as the birdies round here are really stoopid and don’t even come into the garden for the food she puts out for them.  Mum says that it’s so she knows where I am when I’ve gone exploring over the fence cos she can hear me even though she can’t see me. 

The other reason is that I like to go exploring in Yolande’s garage, which is two gardens up from mine.  Before I got the bell, Yolande didn’t see me sneak in, so didn’t know I was there and I got locked in for a very long time.  It’s a good job I can howl loudly, or I might still be there.  With the bell she knows I am around, and won’t lock me in the garage again.

I’m a big fat ginger no chance of sneaking about cat!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Catnipped to the V-E-T’s

I don’t know what happened.  One minute I was asleep on my cushion,

CIMG1202the next minute I was being bundled into the Evil Cat Carrier.  I woke up as I was about half way in, but Mum was too quick for me and shut the door before I could turn round.  I’m not a happy kitty in the Evil Cat Carrier, and tried as best I could to open the door, but with no luck.

Then Mum put me in the car, and I howled.  I’m not a happy kitty in the car, either.  I howled and howled and howled, and I kept howling as she was driving.  Next thing I know, we’re in the V-E-T’s.  I know it was the V-E-T’s cos of the smell.  I’d know that smell anywhere.

After a few minutes, Mum took me into a room, and opened the door of the Evil Cat Carrier.  Of course, now I don’t want to come out, cos I didn’t know where I was.  After a few minutes, Mum unceremoniously tipped me out of the Evil Cat Carrier onto the floor, and lifted me up onto the table.

The lady V-E-T was quite nice.  She made a big fuss of me, and said I was a fine specimen of ginger mancatliness!  Mind you, that was before she stuck a big needle in the back of my neck, so I don’t think she’s quite so nice now!  She checked my ears, and eyes, and teeth, and listened to my belly, and I am a fit and healthy ginger mancat. 

There is one small thing, though.  Seems I am too much mancat.  The V-E-T put me on the scales, and declared that I am too fat!  Can you imagine that?  You’ve all seen my mancatly belly, do I look fat to you?  Anyway, at 8.1 kg, it seems that I am 2.5 kg or thereabouts overweight.  I don’t know what 2.5 kg is, but Mum’s friend said it was like getting two cats for the price of one.  Now I know there’s not two cats here, only me, which is just how I like it.

So, now I am on a diet, and my regular stinky Whiskas has been replaced by Iams Light – see dish below.

CIMG1229 I don’t mind, as I quite like it, but the bits are really small, and I have a bit of trouble picking them up.  So much so, Mum has had to put a tray underneath my bowl, stop me spreading it all over the floor.  The other problem is that I now have to wait for my breakfast whilst Mum weighs out my food in the mornings.  I complain very loudly about that.

When Mum carried me out of the V-E-T’s room, there was a big black drooling dog called Duke outside.  He seemed very pleased to see me until I hissed at him big time.  Then he didn’t look so happy!

As soon as we got home, I went upstairs and sulked!  I was going to sulk for ages, but soon realised it was dinner time, and I didn’t want to miss that.  I don’t blame Mum, she is only doing what’s best for me, and the big needle thing didn’t hurt at all.  I still don’t like the Evil Cat Carrier though.

I’m all chilled out now, back on the sofa.

CIMG1228 I know I look like I’m scowling, but that’s cos she’s pointing the flashy thing at me again.

At least I won’t have to go again for another year!  I will keep you posted on my dietary progress.

I’m a big fat ginger on a diet cat!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

In the Sun

Mum’s still been a bit busy, going to work, and today, she’s got to go back to the dentist, so she hasn’t really had time to write up about my catnapping.  She’s promised to do it later today though.

In the meantime, more pictures of me in the garden,


It was such a nice day, compared to this morning.   I’m sorry there we don’t have any more interesting photos, but I spend all day yesterday hiding underneath the sofa from the dustbin men!  See that gnome in the background?  I think he’s stalking me.

CIMG1208 He’s still there, but I’m playing it cool.  One more roll and I’m done.

CIMG1209This is hard work!

I’m a big fat ginger rolling in the sun and playing it cool in the garden cat!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday

CIMG1206 I’m a big fat ginger rolling in the sun cat.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tummy Tuesday

Mum’s been a bit slack this week – she’s been posting on that other boaty blog.  Anyway, back to Me!!!

My tummy is so big, I just have to show you all.

CIMG1224 I know, two pictures nearly the same, but Mum’s rubbish with the camera.

CIMG1223I was keeping a close eye on what she was doing.

In other news, I got catnapped into the evil cat carrier to go to the vets!  More on that tomorrow.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Cat v Postman!

Elderly Cat allegedly attacks Postman!  Now, Kitties have to be careful of the Postie, in case he drops something through the letterbox onto their heads.

Kittie is only protecting his home!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

On the Bed

Mum’s been cleaning today, so I’ve been hiding upstairs from the hoover!


Mum doesn’t know why, when I’ve got a great big bed to sleep on, I have to sleep right on the edge.  Must take after Dad!

CIMG1205I’m a big fat ginger hiding from the hoover cat!

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