Thursday, 15 April 2010

In the Sun

Mum’s still been a bit busy, going to work, and today, she’s got to go back to the dentist, so she hasn’t really had time to write up about my catnapping.  She’s promised to do it later today though.

In the meantime, more pictures of me in the garden,


It was such a nice day, compared to this morning.   I’m sorry there we don’t have any more interesting photos, but I spend all day yesterday hiding underneath the sofa from the dustbin men!  See that gnome in the background?  I think he’s stalking me.

CIMG1208 He’s still there, but I’m playing it cool.  One more roll and I’m done.

CIMG1209This is hard work!

I’m a big fat ginger rolling in the sun and playing it cool in the garden cat!


  1. Gnomes are a bit scary. Don't let it get yoo.

  2. That green grass looks very inviting! We're not so sure about the gnome, though. Looks kinda scary to us!

  3. Yup, better watch that gnome!!!!!

  4. Green grass and orange cat equals great! Garden Gnome, not so much.

    xx Lounge Kats

  5. Watch out for those gnomes...they can be very tricky!!

  6. Playing it cool is the best thing to do on a warm sunny day. And we noticed the gnome yesterday, we worried about it. Maybe a whap or two would scare it off?

  7. Oh, we bet you smell like sweet grass and earthy, too. We have a gnome in our garden (from Gnome World in Cornwall!) but we don't go outside so he doesn't mess with us, hahameow


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