Friday, 11 May 2012

Kitty Spa!

Kitties - I have just had an enforced stay at the Kitty Spa, and I am not amused. Mum & Dad have been away in their house on wheels to the Isle of Wight, but I couldn't go as Mum said there wasn't room for my litter tray and in any case they were going on a boat.  You all remember I don't like boats.  

Being at the Kitty Spa isn't too bad, but you are on your own and don't get to go outside.  Mum even has them rationing the food which is a little unfair.  They also refer to me as the Ginger Football with ears - I have no idea what they are talking about!

I made sure I had a good sulk when I got back, and paced about complaining for ages.


Luckily, everything was where I'd left it, and I have now taken up residence on the bed again.  

BFGC is pleased to be home!

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