Friday, 28 October 2011

Dad Time!

Now, I usually spend most of my time with my Mum, but sometimes, you've got to give Dad a bit of attention.  So, we've been doing some male bonding.


I'm really trying to get his spot on the sofa, but don't tell him that.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

The New Food

Finally, Mum got round to opening the new food the nice Sasha lady sent us.  I got quite excited when the parcel arrived - after all, it's not often the BFGC gets post.

All parcels need inspecting closely, of course.


I knows there is something good in here.


The bag smells good, if nothing else.


I mean, it smells really good!


Mum was trying to do one of those product placement shots, but I kept getting in the way.  Then she took the food out of the bad, but I was really disappointed as she wouldn't let me open it.   If only I had thumbs!


Then, after all that, she took it away.  I had to go and have a lie down to get over the disappointment.


I will find where she's hidden it, eventually.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Good News & Bad News

Apologies for no pics today - Mum's posting from her laptop via the dongle thingy!

First, the bad news.  Yesterday, the BFGC got taken to the V-E-T. Mum was a bit worried as I'd been coughing.  Well, not really coughing, but that's the only word she can think of to describe it.  Like, you know when you're going to chuck up, you know you're going to chuck up, but this sounded like it was chesty.

So, I got bundled into the PTU and put into the boot of the car.  Then, the indignity of it all.  Strange boy VET prodded and poked, looked down my throat, and then did something most unpleasant with a thermometer.  BFGC was not a happy kitty, especially as I'd pretty much stopped coughing by then.  Anyway, the boy vet doesn't think it's anything serious and probably just a bit of fur ball action, but Mum's going to keep a close eye on me for the next few days.

The good news is that the Nutricat arrived from the nice Sasha lady. There was a bag of food, some info, and all in a nice little bag.  I was very interested in the parcel - Mum has got some opening pictures for later (she's been a bit slack and not bought the camera) - and I had a good sniff, although Mum wouldn't let me open it. I am quite excited about trying it, especially as the boy Vet said I was too fat!!   The cheek of it.  However, I am slightly compensated by the fact that the nice Sasha lady thinks I'm cute - of course, I knew that already!!

The nice Sasha lady has also left a comment on the previous post, saying that if anyone else wants to try the new food, they should get their Mum's to get in touch.  I won't put her e-mail address here - wouldn't want the nice Sasha lady to get inundated by spam e-mails for the rest of her life - but you know where to find it.

I would mention, though, that I am the only Big Fat Ginger Food Critic Cat round here!

Purrs & Headbutts


Sunday, 16 October 2011

The BFGC has Arrived!

We are very excited in the BFGC Household, as it seems the BFGC is on his way to being famous!  I have received an e-mail from a very nice lady called Sasha, who wanted to know if I would trial a new cat food.

Of course, I said I would, as food is one of my most favourite things.  Mum and Sasha have been conspiring, and it seems I am going to try the Light variety, as allegedly I am a bit bigger than I really should be, and Mums says it is difficult to get light cat food where we live, as there isn't much choice.  I have tried Iams, which I liked, but apparently it really makes me stink!!

The nice Sasha lady is going to send me some, and I will report back.  In the meantime, you can all read about Nutricat here -  I've never been asked to try anything before, so am quite excited.

So, after all the excitement, BFGC is going for a lie down in the nearest sun puddle.



Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mum's New Phone

So, Mum got a new phone which takes videos, which probably isn't very good news for the BFGC.  So, this morning she took the first one, and after 3 goes managed to get it to show the right way up!  It's then taken a further hour to figure out how to get the video off the phone and onto the computer, and then upload it.  BFGC is wondering if it is really worth it.

So here I am, in all my glory, purring and getting some chinny scratches live on camera.  You can tell she's waving her hand about to make it a bit more interesting, not that the BFGC in all his glory isn't interesting, of course!

BFGC needs a lay down!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Back to Normal

So, after a short, but nonetheless, enforced stay at the Kitty Spa, I am home again!  Actually, I've been home for ages, but Mum's been a bit slack!  I sulked for the required amount of time, and now everything is back to normal.

The banging has stopped, and Dad's made this.


I can't see any benefit for a BFGC, especially now they've blocked up the bit at the side I was using to get to the kitty door to the wild outside.  In fact, I'm a bit concerned that I could get stuck out there, but Mum has been very good and has been leaving the door ajar.  Kind of defeats the object a bit!

Still, It's a good game in the mornings.  Sit by the door and complain.  Dad comes along, opens the door - in fact, now he has to open two doors to let me out, as the BFGC won't use the kitty flap in the mornings.  Wait till he's opened both doors, then I decide I don't want to go out at all, and stroll back inside.   I usually get two or three goes at this before he give up!

Of course, I kept an eye on the proceedings, except when the big red sucky monster came out.



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