Saturday, 22 October 2011

Good News & Bad News

Apologies for no pics today - Mum's posting from her laptop via the dongle thingy!

First, the bad news.  Yesterday, the BFGC got taken to the V-E-T. Mum was a bit worried as I'd been coughing.  Well, not really coughing, but that's the only word she can think of to describe it.  Like, you know when you're going to chuck up, you know you're going to chuck up, but this sounded like it was chesty.

So, I got bundled into the PTU and put into the boot of the car.  Then, the indignity of it all.  Strange boy VET prodded and poked, looked down my throat, and then did something most unpleasant with a thermometer.  BFGC was not a happy kitty, especially as I'd pretty much stopped coughing by then.  Anyway, the boy vet doesn't think it's anything serious and probably just a bit of fur ball action, but Mum's going to keep a close eye on me for the next few days.

The good news is that the Nutricat arrived from the nice Sasha lady. There was a bag of food, some info, and all in a nice little bag.  I was very interested in the parcel - Mum has got some opening pictures for later (she's been a bit slack and not bought the camera) - and I had a good sniff, although Mum wouldn't let me open it. I am quite excited about trying it, especially as the boy Vet said I was too fat!!   The cheek of it.  However, I am slightly compensated by the fact that the nice Sasha lady thinks I'm cute - of course, I knew that already!!

The nice Sasha lady has also left a comment on the previous post, saying that if anyone else wants to try the new food, they should get their Mum's to get in touch.  I won't put her e-mail address here - wouldn't want the nice Sasha lady to get inundated by spam e-mails for the rest of her life - but you know where to find it.

I would mention, though, that I am the only Big Fat Ginger Food Critic Cat round here!

Purrs & Headbutts



  1. Oh BFGC! Please take care - glad mum is there to keep an eye on you! Me and Charlie are so pleased to hear that you are ok though - you sounded very brave during your vet's visit!

    Enjoy your food reviewing! There is no doubt that you are too cute! Take care

  2. Hi BFGC! We're sorry yoo hadta go visit the vet. xx


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