Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tuxedo Stan - Kitty Runs for Mayor!

Now, that's my kind of kitty!!

1297313936362 ORIGINAL

Tuxedo Stan the Cat will kiss as many kittens and shake as many paws as it takes to win Halifax's mayoral race.

By far the fluffiest mayoral candidate, Stan is the official representative of the Tuxedo Party, and organisation that aims to "improve the welfare of felines in the Halifax Municipal Region."

The party's motto?  "A chicken in every pot & a litter box in every house."

Full story here - plus lots of cute pictures.

And he's got a Facebook page - here.

How cool is that!


Friday, 14 September 2012

Kitty Update

It's all been a bit slack in our house, cos we've moved to a new house.  Well, Mum & Dad moved, and I just complained loudly about it.  

I wasn't very happy for the first few days, well, the first 2 weeks.  They kept me inside because Mum said I was a bit dim and would get lost.  In the end I howled so much and made that much fuss that she let me out a couple of days early.  I should mention that we have quite a busy road at the end of the garden (it's not quite as bad as it sounds), so Mum was worried about the traffic.  But I'm not a silly kitty and I know cars is bad, and of course I knows where I lives.

Finally, they found all my stuff, although Mum keeps moving the food bowl, and I was really pleased when the found my scratch post!!  So I've made myself at home.

Best news is I've got a new big garden to explore, with lots of birds and stuff at the bottom.  Can you see me?


There's a hole in the fence behind that big tree.  Mum doesn't like me disappearing through the hole, so I only go through when I know she's not looking.  


I know you're out there birdy!!


Thursday, 13 September 2012


So, they've been decorating.  I've already explored the wardrobe, and now Mum's got some new bedding.


Which bit of the bed do you suppose I should be sleeping on?


Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Wardrobe

Mum & Dad have been decorating, and have just got a new wardrobe.  I've been helping, of course.


New wardrobe has been a bit of a problem.  First it wouldn't fit in the gap, involving some complex adjustments.  Then there wasn't room for the two hanging rails as they originally thought, so all the insides had to come out again.  And one of the door hinges was missing.  Dad's left the 2nd rail inside, mainly so they don't lose it in all the other decorating, and says Mum can hang her big pants on it!  She didn't look very amused.

I'm a Big Fat Ginger in the Wardrobe Cat!

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