Friday, 23 April 2010

My Summer Collar

So, this week, I got a new collar.  Here’s a picture of both my old collar and my new one.

CIMG1231 Now, my new collar might be a nice blue colour, but it doesn’t have diamonds on it like my old one does, and it smells a bit funny.  However, Mum says it’s for the fleas.  That I don’t understand, if it’s for the fleas then why doesn’t she put it on the fleas?

They also took the bell off the old one and put it on the new collar.  I know you’re thinking, why does a big ginger man cat like me need a bell?   I know it’s not so I don’t catch birdies, as the birdies round here are really stoopid and don’t even come into the garden for the food she puts out for them.  Mum says that it’s so she knows where I am when I’ve gone exploring over the fence cos she can hear me even though she can’t see me. 

The other reason is that I like to go exploring in Yolande’s garage, which is two gardens up from mine.  Before I got the bell, Yolande didn’t see me sneak in, so didn’t know I was there and I got locked in for a very long time.  It’s a good job I can howl loudly, or I might still be there.  With the bell she knows I am around, and won’t lock me in the garage again.

I’m a big fat ginger no chance of sneaking about cat!


  1. It's a good new collar, Puss, and a lovely colour for a soon-to-be-boating cat.

    And it's a good thing your mum can hear you when you are out and about--this way she knows you stay safe!

  2. It's a fabulously mancatly collar and we fink yoo'll look VERY smart in it!

  3. Maybe you could use the bell to your advantage: when you want attention shake your head and ring the bell.

  4. What a handsome blue collar. Your Mommy should hot-glue diamonds on it for you, if that's what you want...after all, she took the time to attach the bell...
    xx Lounge Kats


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