Friday, 21 January 2011

More Kitty Toys

I don't know about you kitties, but playing with all my new toys has left me exhausted.  I think Mum's feeling a bit guilty about leaving me home all alone while they go to the boat thing, but I'd much rather be here with all my new stuff than have to go into the PTU and then into the boot of the car.

Anyway, back to my new toys.  I got a Kitty Cube.


Dad was a bit scathing about the Kitty Cube, but there's lots of things you can do with it.  You can play with the dangly things.  You can drag the Cube around the room.  And, of course, you can sit in it.


Dad and I played a good game for ages last night.  He put all my toys inside the cube, and then I took them all out again.  We played this for ages.


You can hide your toys underneath it as well.  Dad doesn't think it will last very long!!  I can't think why he thinks that?


See. I'm ready to pounce.


and it's also good for chewing on!  It's no wonder I'm tired.

I'm a big fat ginger cat with new kitty cube.


  1. Puss we love our cubes too! We have a couple of them...they have held up really well. Keep enjoying those new toys!

  2. Goodness Puss, you must be exhausted with all those new toys to play with.

  3. Lots of kitties have been getting cubes and loving them! Lucky you to get one too! Maybe you will be the kitty that convinces our mum to get us one! Are you feeling ok about spending time alone when the beans are away on theboatie? Maybe that lovely kitty girlfriend would like to keep you company?

  4. We can see why you're tired! you have such great toys to play with!


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