Friday, 10 December 2010

Advent Calendar

I got a kitty advent calendar!!  Here it is.


You can see I was quite interested.  It's got little doors that you open, and inside is a mixture of milk drops and catnip drops.  I've never had either before.  Now, I know you're wondering that it's a bit late to start an Advent Calendar on the 10th December, but there is a reason for that.  One of Mum's friends bought it for her cat, but her cat isn't interested in Christmas, so she thought I'd like it.  So it's a second-hand advent calendar really, but it hadn't been opened, so alls good.   So, I checked it out thoroughly.


And had a good sniff round.


Then Mum opened the first door, and inside were milk drops.  They were yummy!  It's funny that I don't like milk, but I like milk drops!


I nade light work of those.


Mum's going to swap my Kitty Sticks for the Advent Calendar.


I really really really like Kitty Sticks, but I wolf them down so quickly that 10 minutes later they come right back up again, and Mum doesn't think it's right that she gives me stuff that makes me sick. She's probably right.

I'm a big fat ginger full of milk drops cat.  Roll on tomorrow!


  1. Okay, we've never seen a COOL Advent calendar like that! Milk drops? Nip? Oh, wow...!

  2. We have never HEARD of Milk Drops! (Note to self: Must Google them right away!) You are a lucky Cat to get such a neat calendar.

  3. That's a cool calendar, Puss! We've never heard of Milk Drops either. They do sound yummy. So...did you get to open a bunch of the doors to catch up on the days? :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  4. WANT!! WANT!!!

    You're a very lucky kitty my friend!

  5. Mum doesn't let me open more than one day at a time, cos otherwise I'd be fatter than I already am. She says that way it will last longer. The milk drops are yummy though!

  6. Wow, Puss! What an excellent gift! Some tasty treat each day until Santa comes! A kitty couldn't have any better luck!
    After all of your boating adventures, you deserve something wonderful.
    Love and kisses to you, dear.

  7. We've never seen one for kitties! You are so lucky, that calendar is too cool!


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