Friday, 14 September 2012

Kitty Update

It's all been a bit slack in our house, cos we've moved to a new house.  Well, Mum & Dad moved, and I just complained loudly about it.  

I wasn't very happy for the first few days, well, the first 2 weeks.  They kept me inside because Mum said I was a bit dim and would get lost.  In the end I howled so much and made that much fuss that she let me out a couple of days early.  I should mention that we have quite a busy road at the end of the garden (it's not quite as bad as it sounds), so Mum was worried about the traffic.  But I'm not a silly kitty and I know cars is bad, and of course I knows where I lives.

Finally, they found all my stuff, although Mum keeps moving the food bowl, and I was really pleased when the found my scratch post!!  So I've made myself at home.

Best news is I've got a new big garden to explore, with lots of birds and stuff at the bottom.  Can you see me?


There's a hole in the fence behind that big tree.  Mum doesn't like me disappearing through the hole, so I only go through when I know she's not looking.  


I know you're out there birdy!!



  1. Wow, that looks like a great place to go exploring!

  2. You be careful out there, my friend. You're a handsome mancat, someone *looking at Rumblemum* might try to scoop you up for cuddles!

  3. Awwwww lovely BFGC!!! Glad you've settled down and are loving your great big garden!! Yay! Take care

  4. Moving to a new house is exciting and a bit took us a while to adjust to the new place when we moved a few years ago. We love your new garden spot and hope those birdies will watch out!

  5. Such a lovely garden, and what a great new tree to sit by, or in if you like...

    I hope your scratchy post helps you settle in.

    Your friend, Dexter ( a slightly chubby ginger kitty)

  6. Hey, BFGC, that looks like a great place to explore. Those trees look like they would make great steps to get over that fence, if you decide not to try just jumping over it.

    PS: Do you know you have Dredded Word Verification on?

  7. Puss! I haven't visited you in, like, a billion years! I'm glad to see you have a nice yard (and a hole in your fence)! Be safe out there.


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