Friday, 16 October 2009

Home at Last

She had just been to pick me up and take me home, or, to where home is now.  I’ve got a new carrying case, which is a rather snug fit, but she says that a) she can’t carry the big one and b) it doesn’t fit in the back of the car.

I don’t like being in the box, so complained loudly all the way back.  I thought the nice people at the pens liked me, but I heard one of them tell her that they called me the big orange football with ears!!!  I’m not sure what a football is, but it didn’t sound very complimentary.  My weight is also a bit of an issue as it seems I now weigh 8.9 kg, which is apparently twice as heavy as I should be.  I can’t believe that, as I am totally gorgeous in my manly gingerness.

I’ve had a good sniff round, and am now hiding under the sofa, just in case!

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