Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Owners

Now, you know and I know that they are not really my owners, more like the other way round, but I like to let them think that they are in charge. 

They found me when I was very small, left in a cardboard box at the end of the road with my 3 brothers.  We went to live with one of their neighbours, but there were other cats who lived there that didn’t tolerate playful kittens, and a large hairy dog who growled a lot.  The house was noisy all the time, so I was very pleased when She came and took me home where it’s nice and quite and I am in charge.   I made her choose me, but she doesn’t know that.

I like her, she looks after me, makes sure I have plenty of food and fresh water, takes me to the vets when I need to go, and lets me sleep in the bed – I always make sure I get the bit in the middle.  I know she likes me, as she’s always making a fuss of me. 

I quite like him too, and I think he likes me.  He’s not much for making a fuss, but he talks to me a lot, and I know he worries because he paces up and down outside when I am late home – he likes me in before dark.  Sometimes I go and sit on him, but that seems to freak him out, which is fun!

10 days, 1 hour and 12 minutes to go…

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