Monday, 23 November 2009

Sleeping & Fun at Bedtime

I know, I know, I sleep a lot.  Let’s face it, it’s done nothing but rain for the last week or so.  Everytime I go outside, it rains, so I come back in and go to sleep. CIMG1052

This is not my sofa, but it’s just as comfy – I’m only sleeping here because he got into my spot first.


At night, I like to sleep on the end of the bed, so that I can keep an eye on things.  She’s a bit of a fidget, but I just get off, wait till she’s settled again, then get back up.  Mind you, having been asleep all day, and most of the night, by about 5 am, I’m up and raring to go, and am ready for my breakfast.  I do my best to wake her up, but this morning she wasn’t very happy about it, and pushed me off the bed.  I got my own back though, by doing a great big poo in my box, which is in the spare room next door, and then making sure I’d opened all the doors so the aroma would waft through.  That soon got them out of bed.

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