Thursday, 1 July 2010


I've been abandoned.  This is not good.

Mum's gone to visit her Mum in Sunny Devon (although it will rain all the time, she says, cos it always does., and it's miles away, although I don't know how far a miles is.

Dad's still here, but he doesn't know about my stuff.  He doesn't know about my stinky goodness.  He's not here all day cos he does something called work, he won't let me come into the toilet with him like Mum does, and he doesn't let me sleep on his legs all night.  The only thing he knows about is my outside water bowl, and a Mancat can't survive for 3 days on an outside water bowl.


Guess we'll just have to manly make the best of it together.

I'm a big fat ginger home without my Mum cat.


  1. Uh oh! We hope your mum left detailed instructions! An emergency number to reach her and all that. Good luck, Puss!!!

  2. He doesn't sound too much different from my human's boyfriend. Male humans are hard cases.

  3. We're sorry your mum is leaving you but we think you'll do okay with your dad.

  4. We live in Devon and it has been hot and sunny for the last 2 weeks.
    Guess what. IT'S RAINING TODAY!!!

  5. Well it sounds like you need to get busy and get that Dad trained to your likes and dislikes. You do look kind of comfy sitting on Dad's chair.
    Have a good day.

  6. I think you'll be okay. Hope you have a fun time with your dad. :)

  7. Oh no ~ home alone! Well as good as, from the sound of yoor dad! (altho we fink yoo might be exajerating! MOL!)

    We live in Devon and the weather has been glorious ALL week!!!! So we fink yoor mom might be telling yoo porky pies so yoo don't fink she is enjoying herself!

  8. Hope you are doing okay until your Mom comes home!

  9. Hope your mewmie is back and life is good, again...

    Tell your mewmie that there is an awardie and meme waiting for you at our blog...


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