Friday, 11 February 2011

Where are my Fluffy Balls?

I've been busy.


In our house, Mum piles up all my toys on my Kitty Condo (where I'm sat), and I knock them all off.  So she puts them back, and I knock them all off again.


Sometimes I spread them around for good measure.  Sometimes, though, this backfires, as I now can't find my 3 favourite fluffy balls.  Will just have to get Dad to have another look under the sofa.


He likes it under there really.

I'm a big fat ginger cat with no fluffy balls (can I say that??)


  1. You CAN say that! In fact, we were amazed to read that you had THREE of

  2. That's the thing - I HAD 3, now they've all disappeared!!

  3. Night cats come in and toss them around, I know it's not you my handsome friend.

  4. We do the same thing, Puss....we like our toys best when they are spread all over! We hope you find your fluffy balls...can we say that?? ;-)

  5. We used to do that too. Now mom puts all our toys in our toy basket.


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