Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Puss & The Kitty Cube - Part 2

Ok, more video!!  This is the last one, I promise.

And yes, the growling is all me!!

I'm a big fat ginger all videod out cat!


  1. Puss, we heard you growl!! AND we heard you huff! Sylvester does that too. That Da Bird looks like such a fun toy, can you believe we don't have one? Sadly neglected are we.

  2. LOVE the growling. How cute!

  3. OMC! Wot fabulous lasers!!!! And we LOVE the way yoo push yoorself away from the wall wiv yoor paws! The pre-video WARNING made us larf too!!!

  4. Excellent film! Our Teri hasn't learned how to do anything fancy like titles and warnings...she's impressed!

  5. Oh Puss, AAB wants to bury her face in your belly-furs and blow fart noises, even with your terrifying laser eyes! Now I'll have to avoid her the rest of the day.


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