Tuesday, 31 May 2011

No More Boat!

So, Kitties.  Big news from this end.  Mum and Dad have decided to sell the boat thing.  Their plans have changed, and they are not really getting the use out of it that they should, and Dad says that it's too much money just to have sitting there.  I'm not really fussed either way, as I've got much more important things to do like sleeping in sun puddles dreaming of bootiful ladies than going to the big boat thing where I don't even get my own chair!


And I'm a big fat ginger cat who isn't afraid of Dad's manky old shoes!


They think I'm not watching what's going on, but I'm keeping a close eye on things from here.


But, I've just realised.  If there is no boat, then I can't really be Puss in Boats any longer.  Will I need a new blog?  Will I need a new name?  Will my friends be able to find me again?

I'm a big fat ginger cat with an identity crisis.


  1. Hello, I might new here, but I don't think you need a new blog, You just have to the name for the header ( Design Page : Edit Header ) and friend always find you because you didn't change URL

    My blog, first name " Everyday Cat Visitor " since I moved in to live with my pawrent. My header change to be " Mr. Puddy " and it's still the same blog.

    I hope this help : )

  2. You can ALWAYS be puss in boats my handsome friend!

  3. You could collect little toy boats, that would work!

  4. Yoo could call yoor blog: Puss wiv no boat!

    Sorry we haven't visited for a while, we had grandbeans staying for a vacation. It's been happy chaos!

  5. Well, we know you didn't much care for the boat. We'd be fine if you kept your old name, thought. Or you could be: A Big Fat Ginger Cat or A Big Fat Ginger Puss Who Sold the Boat.

    Whatever, we'll still visit!!

    Lizzie & 3 kitties


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