Saturday, 10 December 2011

All Christmassy!

Much excitement in our house this morning.  Our Secret Paws package is all wrapped up and ready to go, we've posted about it on the Secret Paws Blog, and Mum has written and sent all the Christmas Cards.  I did ask her why our cards don't have a picture of me on them, like some of the others I have already got, but she didn't seem to know the answer to that!  Ours did have glitter on them, she says, so that must make up for it.  I'm not so sure!

Anyway, after all the excitement, I needed a sit down.


I'm disguised, keeping an eye out for next door kitty, who keeps coming in and eating my treats!  I'll share under duress.





  1. Awwww beautiful BFGC!! You deserve extra treats and more for helping mum with all the christmas stuff! Yay for you!! Awww and big hello to your new friend - he - she? - is adorable!! Take care

  2. It's the holiday season, you are nice to share with next-door cat.
    Oh, and we think glitter makes up for a lot!

  3. You are very good to share your treats, we would chase off any introoder kitties. We posted the last of our overseas cards today and mum is hoping to get all the UK cards done tomorrow.

  4. You are true to the spirit of the season, BFGC! We love your cube disguise. Hee hee! we like to do that too :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  5. Love that pic in your cube! MOL! Sharing is good!


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