Friday, 16 December 2011

Boogie Mat

So, after I visited The Poupounette Gang and saw they had a Boogie Mat, I've been pestering Mum to get me one.  Luckily, it didn't take too many headbutts until she gave in. I waited for her to take it out of the bag.
It's very funky, with tassels on the corners and comes with a bag of Nip.  Most exciting.

I was keen to get at it, and didn't want to wait until Mum had taken it out of the packaging.
But she made me wait anyway.   Warning, major cuteness follows.
Then, in I went!
Bit of a paw, then a roll...
then in with the face!!
Then, more rolling..
before totally claiming it as my own.
No-one else is going to get a go on my Boogie Mat!
What do you think Dad?
Mum got it from Amazon, from a man called Jimbobs.  However, when she tried to unzip the zip to get the nip out, it was stuck solid.  Dad said he's open it, but I think that meant he'd break it.  Anyway, Mum e-mailed Jimbobs, and he is a very good guy indeed.  He said very sorry, we'll send you a new one, and please keep the one you have as well.  So now I have two Boogie Mats.

BFGC is a lucky kitty!


  1. OH BFGC!!!!! Oh you are not only lucky, you are just too adorable and super cute for words!! Yay for your wonderful TWO MATS!! Charlie so wants one now!! LOL!! Enjoy!! Take care

  2. What can be better than that great boogie mat? Two boogie mats of course! We saw it is from Fat Haha, how appropriate for you.
    We got your card yesterday, thank you. Mum has hung it on our wall for us.

  3. What a cool Boogie Mat! Maybe I'll ask Santa for one next year (this year I'm asking for more Bonita Flakes).

    Thanks for the Christmas card! It is hanging by the circulation desk for all to see. AAB got glitter all over her hands and face from handling it--she loves you even more now. :)

  4. What a wonderful present, TIMES TWO!

  5. Puss, we have 2 boogie mats and we love love love ours!! Did you know boogie mats are magic?? You can use them to fly around and visit all your furiends!!

  6. hee hee! we were gonna say what the Island Cats said! You'll have a spare boogie mat in case one breaks down :D Ages ago,we had one, but one of us (not to mention names but her initials are Pip) piddled on it and since then our mom doesn't trust any of us :(

    Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie, Pip

  7. I'm Oliver, an American BFGC who is fascinated with all of your adventures across the pond! My mom bought my sister Amber and I Boogie Mats based on your recommendation. Even though I'm usually pretty lazy, I couldn't stop rolling around and chewing the tassels. I even got mad at Amber when she was using her own Boogie Mat 'cause I wanted both for myself!

    I'll just be over in the corner sleeping on my mat and having lovely catnip dreams. Whee! :)


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