Sunday, 13 June 2010

Head Mousie

Every cat should have a Head Mousie.  Here's mine.


He's cute, and he squeaks when you poke him.  My favourite trick is to leave him on his side, so that he keeps squeaking, even when I've wandered off to do something else.

Anyway, the whole point of having a Head Mousie is that he can keep watch when you're taking a nap.  Here he is, keeping an eye on things whilst I have a snooze.


Of course, even though you've left your Head Mousie on guard, that doesn't mean you can get complacent.  Sometimes, you just need to give your Head Mousie a little nudge to remind him what he's doing.


Finally, I think my Head Mousie needs a name, something that reflects his cuteness and level of responsibility (although it might be a girl, I've not looked).    So, my fellow kitties, send in your suggestions and name that Mousie!

I'm a big fat ginger cat who needs a name for his Head Mousie.


  1. We *really* like your Head Mousie! S/he is awfully cute. It's too early here, though, for us to suggest any names, but we're sure other, more creative cats and humans will chime in!

  2. That head mousie is sure keeping an eye on you!! We would call him Fuzzy because he is.

  3. He is a cute fluffy mousie but we can'tthink of a name for him right now. If we come up with something we will let you know.

  4. Well, since you're going to be a Boating Cat, how about "Skipper"? Something nautical...Captain, Keelhaul...

  5. Mum is such a mess when it comes to names. She suggested "Roddy" since he is a member of order Rodentia. She also suggested "Murray" since is family is Muridae. But we agree with Katnip Lounge, something nautical night be nice.

  6. Our squeeky mouse stopped squeeking, maybe we poked it too much. Photoguy says the mouse is fine the way it is now, and it doesn't need fixing.
    Name: What about Captain Flint?

  7. The Katnip Lounge crew had some great ideas. First Mate Mouse?

  8. What about Mr. Squeaks? Sounds rather professional and all since he has a big job to do each day.


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