Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Boating Weekend

This weekend, we've been to stay on the boat, which has meant two trips in the Evil Cat Carrier.  I am getting a bit more used to the boat now, although I'm not sure it's real boating as we didn't go anywhere.  I couldn't hide under the chair when Dad started the engine, as they had visitors, so I had to hide under the duvet.  I did come out after a while and play the cute kitty, so they did make a big fuss of me.  Now, I'm not scared of the engine at all.

The bad news is that I didn't get let out this weekend.  Last weekend, Mum decided I could go out for a bit, so after a bit of looking round and air sniffing, I headed for the bushes and employed my "end of the world" howl", and refused to come out again.  A lady walking down the towpath was convinced something terrible was happening, and was about to call the RSPCA, until Mum pointed me out amongst the foliage.  I played catch the kitty with Dad for nearly an hour and a half before I let him pick me up, and he got stung by stinging nettles, so I wasn't a popular kitty.

Unfortunately, as much as it was all good fun, it's all back fired a bit, as this weekend the most I could manage was to press my little nose up against the windows.


This is the most exercise I got.


First one leg, then the other.


I'm a big fat ginger not allowed out of the boat cat.


  1. Poor Puss being a purrisoner. It wasn't such a good idea though not letting them catch you last weekend was it, and especially where there were stinging nettles. Now they won't know if they can trust you again. You will have to be on your very best behaviour now and maybe they will give it another try.

  2. You'll get used to it Puss. Some very famous catrs lived on boats!

  3. Puss...hope you'll get to start traveling on that boat soon. Just think of all the exciting things you'll see!

    PS - We've given you an award...stop by our blog to pick it up.

  4. Oh dear! Maybe yoor mom could get yoo reigns to wear wiv a lead? We go owtside wiv reigns on. It took a while to get used to them but we love them now 'cos we know we're safe.

  5. Puss, we can't help but be a tiny bit pleased at your escape, even though it lead to the lock-up!

  6. We think being on a boat could be fun! But we like Milo and Alfie's idea that maybe you could learn to wear a harness and leash when you go out.

  7. Goodness Puss! You did give your beans a run, didn't you. We hope the poor lady on the tow path's nerves have recovered. We think Milo and Alfie have the right idea. Your safety is paramount.
    The boat looks splendid. What a great time you'll have. So many new things to amuse you


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