Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Softie Treats with Salmon & Trout

In an attempt to make up for the Kitty harness fiasco, Dad bought me a packet of these - Tesco Softies Treats with Salmon & Trout.  There's even a picture of a cute kitty on the packet.


The are 95% fat free, good for fat kitties like me, and even look like little fishes... (apologies for the fuzzy photo).


However, then Mum took a look at the list of ingredients on the back of the packet, which are listed as:

Meat & Animal Derivatives, Cereals and Derivatives of Vegetable Origin - not sure I like the sound of any of that.

Fish & Fish Derivatives - minimum of 4% Salmon and 4% Trout - I'll bet my kitty harness that there's not much more than 4% of either

and some other stuff that doesn't sound very nice.  They even contain 5% Ash.  What's that all about.

They don't taste too bad though, so I will eat them, under protest of course.

Dad's just picked some strawberries from the garden, but even fat kitties like me don't eat strawberries.


I'm a big fat ginger cat who's disappointed with the fish content of his Softies.


  1. Daisy, and a few other cats around the CB, get freeze-dried chicken liver as treats, not sure from where they order or if something similar would be available in the UK--we assume so. We get junkie treats, our mom is embarrassed to admit. Mind you, we love them! :-)

  2. Well, there might not be much fish in them treats but if they taste good, then go for it!! 'Specially if they are fat free...not that we think you're fat, Puss, but you always gotta watch the caloric intake!!

  3. Puss, you deserve a whole fish. A day.

  4. Yes we agree with Katnip Lounge, a nice whole, fresh feeesh every single day. Feeesh don't have horrible fattening cereals ugh.

    The ash thing is what is left after they burn the cat food in a calorimeter thingie, it's basically all that's left that won't be digested/burned - minerally type stuff.



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