Monday, 23 August 2010

The Kitty Harness - continued

So, I got to go to the boat, and do some real boating, although I did spend most of the time under the chair!

Mum decided it was time to give the kitty harness a try, so I was duly strapped up.  Then, she opened the door and I peered out into the big wide world.  There were some ducks, they were a bit scary and I wasn't sure what to do.  Then, I jumped with both paws onto the grass.  I tried to get into the bushes, but hadn't realised that Mum had attached the lead, so I couldn't, so I went into stealth mode and crouched down in the grass.

Mum picked me up then, and took me down to the pointy end, where Dad was sitting in the front fishing, and she sat on the side.  I sat in the grass for a bit, just looking round.  Then, someone came walking along, so I hot-pawed it back into the boat.  Mum then passed the lead to Dad, which he put under his foot, in case I wanted to come back out again.  Unfortunately, he forgot it was there, and stood up, which startled me, and I made a quick dash for the back, and was chased by the lead handle thingy until it got stuck under the bathroom door.  I hissed big time at it, until Mum came and took it away and unstrapped me.  I'm not sure the kitty harness is working out at all.

Mum says she's sorry, but she forgot to take the camera.  She did take a couple of pictures on her phone, but not of me though.  Dad caught this


It's a fish, apparently, but it was a bit wriggly.  Here's a better one.


I'm a big fat ginger not very happy with his kitty harness cat.


  1. That must have been scary to be chased by the lead handle. Did you get the fish to make up for your fright?

  2. You'll get there in the end Puss. Just think of all those fish!

  3. Often it's a great idea to just get used to wearing a harness first, inside. Then the harness plus leash. Let it drag around inside for as many days as you need to, to become accustomed to it. And only then go outdoors with it. Tell your humans not to give up; it just takes time and patience!

  4. Kea has given you excellent advice. Get used to the harness first, then under supervision, walk around the house dragging the leash so you get used to being 'tugged' on. We all wear harnesses and here's a link to the soft kind we find very comfortable:

    and here's another one that has buckles instead of velcro, but we haven't worn this kind so don't know how it fits on kitties:

    and we really love this 'bungie' leash, though the harness is a bit fiddly

  5. Y'know, Puss, something like that happened to me when I first was wearing the harness and lead. I got scared and ran all the way under the bed with the lead following me. After that, everytime I saw that harness and lead, I would get scared and run and hide. But when I realized that I couldn't go outside without it, I gave it a second chance. My mom went real slow and let me just wear the harness around the house. After I felt a little better with it on, then she attached the lead. And when I went outside, I was so happy!!

  6. Hopefully you'll get used to that cat harness soon!

  7. How do you live with all that water!? I'd go crazy!? But the fish are a nice consolation.

  8. You may never like your harness and lead but you will eventually learn to tolerate them. Your mum and dad just need to be patient during your learning period. Your followers have come to love and care for you. We just want you to be safe.


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