Thursday, 12 August 2010

Puss is Back!!


Finally, I is back from the Kitty Spa, and some form of normality has returned.  Actually, the Kitty Spa wasn't so bad.  There was a nice man who looked after me and made lots of fuss of me, and I got fed several times a day, more than I get at home.  I also had two beds to sleep in, and made some kitty friends in the pen next door.  However, they didn't let me out, and I didn't get to sleep on the bed at night, which wasn't good, so I was very pleased when Mum came to get me.   Well, not straight away, as I sulked a bit for effect, and howled mightily all the way back in the car.

You're probably all wondering what the reason was for my visit to the Kitty Spa.   Well, seems Mum and Dad have been to pick up the boat thing and have driven it back from wherever it was to here, or near here.  Mum thought I would be safer (and happier???) in the Kitty Spa, as there would be lots of engine noise, it would be all new for me and I wouldn't be able to go out cos I wouldn't know where I was, as every day they were somewhere different.

I have been to the boat - more on that later.

I'm a big fat ginger back from the Spa cat.


  1. We're glad that the stay in the Kitty Spa wasn't too bad. A boat? This all sounds very exciting!

  2. Yay! Welcome back from the Spa! We're so glad to see you!!

  3. The Spa? Did you fall for that? Sounded pretty nice, though!


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