Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I Got Mail!

We got home from the latest boaty adventure yesterday, and as Dad opened the door, he said " the cat's got a letter" in an astonished voice.  I don't know why he sounded so surprised - cats do get fan mail, you know!!  Anyway, I was very excited, as I don't get much post.  Here's the letter, addressed to the Ginger Boating Cat.


Turns out its from my Grandma, who has heard about my boating exploits. Grandma lives in Devon, where it always rains, and she has a cat also, although this little cat doesn't like my Mum and doesn't have a blog as yet. I opened the card quickly to see what was inside.


It's a Christmas Card!!  Grandma says she knows its not Christmas, and she hasn't gone completely loopy, but wanted to show me that there are other cats who like boats.  This cat even looks a bit like me.

Scanned Image 102430002.jpg

Here's a close up. I might ask Mum to see if she can make it into a special big fat boat cat award.


Inside, it reads

"Greetings from Sunny Devon (although, as usual it is persisting down again).  Having heard about your riparian adventures from your Mum, I am sending you this card so you can see that other rather large ginger cats do boating things too, but with the correct equipment.  So persevere with your harness as it will keep you safe.  Anyway, I think nautical accessories look rather cool.

(you may have to get your Mum to read this to you as I am not sure if I can read)"

You can see I was listening intently as Mum was reading it to me.  I am not sure what riparian means - does it mean I'm a big fat ginger ripe cat?  I'm not sure I like the sound of that.  Mum says it's to do with water, but I'm not so sure.


Once I'd had a good look at the card, I thought I'd inspect the envelope, see if there was anything else inside.


I'll just put my paw in here, and if that doesn't work, I'll try my nose.


I've decided I like getting mail, it doesn't matter that Grandma thinks it's Christmas, and that I like being riparian!!

I'm a big fat ginger riparian cat.


  1. We think it quite endearing and funny (in a good way) that your grandma sent a Christmas card in August. Will she send another in December? Maybe she'll include some nip next time! :-)

  2. Your Grandma is so sweet to think of you when she spotted this perfect card!

  3. We think your Grandma is just the BEST!

  4. That is a lovely card! Your grandma is right when she says it always rains in Devon. Summer forgot us again this year, but right now we have had 3 dry days in a row!

  5. What a lovely Grandma you have. She saw a boating cat card and wanted you to have it. We have never seen a cat and boat card and understand how anxious she was to send it. She must love you lots.
    Our Gram used to send us cards but now she has Alzheimer's. She is in bed and unaware of who, or what, we are.


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