Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Nom Fest

Mum bought me some kitty stick treats with Salmon & Trout.  They smelled yummy, although I couldn't open the packet by myself.


Mum helped me - I likes kitty stick treats, although sometimes it's a bit tricky to get your tongue right round.


I'm having a good go though.  See how long my tongue is?


Now a good bite with the back teeth.  Nearly got it all.


Now the other side.

Actually, it didn't end that well, as 10 minutes after I'd eaten this I vommed on the carpet!  I don't think that was anything to do with the kitty stick treats, more the amount of kitty grass I ate in the garden earlier.

Hope that doesn't mean I don't get to finish the kitty stick treats.

I'm a big fat ginger cat who likes kitty stick treats.


  1. That looks nommy!! We hope the next one you have stays down!

  2. Those stick treats look yummy!!

  3. Hello,love. Are you just getting cuter by the day? What a beautiful boy you are. That precious pink tongue is too cute for words. Too bad about the kitty grass. Mum grows some for us in a little container and we always vom after we eat some. Your stick treats look yummy.
    Have a fun day, dear boy.

  4. Grass does that every time! We have never seen stick treats before...Mommy will have to look for them in the US for us. They look very tasty!


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