Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Rediscovering my Cushion

My cushion seems to have re-appeared.  I'm not too sure where it went.  I think Mum said she took it to the Boat Thing, as I seemed to prefer my Kitty Condo.  She did put it down for me there, but when on the Boat Thing I'd much rather sit on the bed, or on the furniture.   They are doing something wrong on the Boat Thing, as there are only two chairs.  Obviously they can't count to 3, as we need a chair each, so every time one of them gets up, I claim the chair for myself!

Anyway, back to the cushion.


It's a very nice comfy cushion, and all of a sudden it was back in it's rightful place, so I thought I'd make the most of it.  Mum's been going to that Work Thing this week, so I'm asleep on the cushion when she goes, and I'm still there when she gets home.

Puss' Mum:  well, at least you're not spending all day asleep on next door but one's sofa, like you have been doing.

I like next door but one's sofa, it's nice and comfy, but my cushion is comfier!!


I'm a big fat ginger cat who likes his cushion.


  1. That's a pawsome cushion, Puss! And it goes so well with your fur. No wonder you prefer it. :-)

  2. That looks like a real cushie cushion you have there, Puss!!

  3. That does look like a very comfy cushion.

  4. Hi Puss, it is nice to meet you! I think your cushion looks very cushion-y, and my AAB thinks *you* look very cushion-y, so we bet you are very comfortable together!

  5. Gosh, we wish we could go stretch out on next door but one's sofa! Sounds wonderful.

  6. What a lovely cushion. Colour coordinated to accessorize with your beautiful ginger coat! My, how handsome! Kisses on that dear little nose.

  7. Nice little cubby hole you have there! And the cushion makes it even more so...and goes so well with your furs!


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