Thursday, 30 September 2010

Next Door Kitty

Next Door Kitty has discovered my new treat jar!!!  Every time Mum goes out into the garden, Next Door Kitty is waiting on the fence.  She hangs on with her claws - it's a very narrow fence - and purrs and squeaks - she's a bit of a squeaker - until Mum dips into my treat jar.  She then takes the treats one by one from Mum's fingers - Mum says her teeth are very sharp, but if she just puts them in the palm of her hand and holds that up, Next Door Kitty won't eat them.  Nigel, Next Door Kitty's Dad, says she won't take the food from his hand like she will from Mum's.

She was a very nervous Next Door Kitty, but she's getting braver now - did I tell you she fell off the conservatory roof the other week? - and if the treats are not forthcoming, she will now come down into the garden.  Here I am retreating to the sidelines.


Now she's after Dad's manky gardening shoes.  Even I won't go near those.


I think Next Door Kitty would like to come and live with us, cos let's face it, things are pretty good around here.


I'm keeping an eye on her, in case she's after my cushion.


Now she's gone inside.  Hope she doesn't eat my noms as well.  Actually, I don't really mind sharing my treats with Next Door Kitty, cos she hasn't been very well and has been off her food a bit.  I'm a good big fat ginger cat, see??

I'm a big fat ginger cat who's happy to share his treats (as long as she doesn't eat them all) with Next Door Kitty.


  1. Wow, Puss, it looks like next door kitty has already made herself at home!!

  2. Next Door Kitty is a very pretty girl. You're very good, Puss, to allow her to have your treats and even go into your house. Seriously. We all would have fits if another cat came in to our home!

  3. Next door kitty is very are a good boy for sharing with her. I think you should get some extra treats for being so nice!

  4. Next door kitty is very pretty. Is that why you share your treats with her? ;)

  5. What a fine kitty you are dear Puss! So thoughtful and generous! You are doing your best to help the sick kitty feel better. Bless you! She is quite beautiful , dear boy. How nice it would be for you to have another of your kind to keep you company.

  6. You are an EXCELLENT neighbor my friend, and it's always a good idea to be sweet to the bootiful ladycats *heh heh heh*

  7. That sure is nice of you to share your treats, Puss!


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