Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tricky Cushion

Sometimes my cushion can be very tricky.


Sometimes you have to keep your paws together to stop yourself from falling off.  Sometimes you just can't help yourself.


I'm a big fat ginger cat who nearly fell off his cushion.


  1. MOL! Maybe a bigger cushion is what you need. ;-)

  2. MOL Puss!! What are you dreaming about over there?

  3. While your cushion is quite lovely, it looks a bit small. Sort of like a single sized bed for an adult human. We think a larger cushion, with room to stretch out a bit would be just the thing. It is important that you be comfortable and enjoy your resting place especially when you are on your boat.

  4. It's a good job you haven't got far to fall!

  5. Whoa! We're glad you didn't fall off completely!

  6. You look like a furry nice ginger kitty!

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