Tuesday, 19 October 2010

From the Floor

There I am, sitting on the floor, minding my own business when along comes the flashy box.


Actually, I look quite handsome from this angle.  I'm a bit worried about Mum though, if she gets down here with her knees she might never get up again.  I know she can't reach my noms from here.


I'm trying not to look too interested in what she's doing.


Are you finished now?  There's a sunspot coming my way.

I'm a big fat ginger waiting for the sunspot cat.


  1. How cute! Our Mummy gets down on the floor to take pics of us too, sometimes. She doesn't know to leave us alone.
    You look so cute in the last picture, you definitely seem interested in what's going on!!!
    Hope you got a good snooze in the sun puddle!

  2. Puss, you're awake! Hahahaha!

    Our mom gets down on the floor or ground to take pics too.

    Gee, we hope you got treats for that great photo shoot!

  3. We're happy to see you up close and personal, Puss, even if it does mean your human getting on the floor with you!

  4. Make sure you get fed before your Mum crawls around on the floor...that way you'll be sure not to starve.

  5. Puss, you are beautiful from any angle...hope your mom got up ok to get your dinner!

  6. You are one good-lookin' kitty!

  7. We' ve never seen you look anything but handsome from any angle. Your little nose is the most adorable thing. Absolutely smooch worthy. And that cute round face with those beautiful, luminous eye that just mesmerize. Face it Puss, your one great looking mancat. The flashy box won't be going away.


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