Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Slack Mum!

Don't know what's been going on in our house, as Mum's been a bit slack on the blogging front.   I may have to take charge, when I come out from under the sofa where I'm hiding from the dustmen, of course.

So, the sun's been shining so I spent a little time in the garden on my favourite step.


I wasn't asleep, I was just pretending.  What's that??


See, I told you I wasn't asleep.  A big fat kitty's got to be on guard for introoders, especially from Next Door Kitty, who last night made a big advance right into my very own living room, totally ignoring me.  I let her do it, honest.


See, she's just waiting to get in here.  I can tell.

I'm a big fat ginger pretending to be asleep on the step kitty.


  1. All moms get a bit slack every now and then...we are glad you are back today though! Keep an eye on that neighbor cat...she may move in for good one day!

  2. We think your neighbour cat is gorgeous! Maybe your home is better than hers and she'll move in! Might be a good idea to keep an eye out, in between naps on your favourite step.

  3. Puss you look handsome lounging on the steps. Um, maybe next-door Cat has a crush on you...or maybe just your crunchies!

  4. We think she fancies you Puss. Why else would she come into you house?

  5. Human says the Next Door Kitty reminds her of some cat she took care of...she also says it's cute, you're cute, too!

  6. Dude... you have NO idea how much the Rumblemum wants to snuggle you..

  7. Ooh! Our mum wants to snuggle you too! And kiss that totally adorable little face. We think that Next Door Kitty fancies you too! We just think that she is playing hard to get. A girl has to do something to set herself apart when you have so many human and feline admirers. And she's a beauty. She'd 'make you a lovely companion.

  8. It's tough having to keep an eye on your territory, isn't it? That deck looks just purrrfect for snoozing on... can we lay in the sun puddle with you?
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji


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