Friday, 22 October 2010

I am nice to Next Door Kitty

Now, I know some of you may think that I don't like Next Door Kitty, but actually, she's kinda cute.  She has taken to just waltzing into the house, and I did get a bit upset yesterday when

a)  she sat on my cushion, and

b)  she tried to get into my Kitty Condo, and

c)  she went upstairs in search of the bed.

I did get a bit upset about that, and we had to have words.  Anyway, here's proof that I don't mind sharing with Next Door Kitty.  Here we are treat sharing.


See how close together we are.

CIMG1514.JPGIt does seem, however, that Next Door Kitty isn't very worldly wise when it comes to the flashy box.  I don 't think she knew what to make of it all, but managed to pose for a cute close up.  Don't you just hate that?


and she's off, in search of more noms I expect.


See, I am a nice kitty!

I'm a big fat ginger cat who quite likes Next Door Kitty.


  1. You are a nice host for sharing your noms, with Next Door Kitty, Puss...but it looks like she just eats and runs!!

  2. Of course you are a nice kitty, Puss. We never doubted that for even a moment. Do you think she might move in with you? You know it is very nice for a cat to have companionship of his own kind.
    And she is lovely, very lovely.

  3. Puss you are being a sweet boy sharing your noms and bed and toys with the Next door kitty. She is a pretty girl.

  4. What a gracious host you are, Puss! We tend to hiss and caterwaul at strange kitties in our yard.

  5. Puss, you surely ARE a nice kitty, sharing your snackies like that! Have a great weekend. :)


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