Thursday, 14 October 2010

Treat Jar Refills

Today, and it's about time, my treat jar got refilled.  It's Temptation City round here.


I am sure that Next Door Kitty's been sneaking treats out of my jar when I'm not looking.  Of course, I kept an eye on proceedings, just to make sure Mum was doing it right.


She seems to have the hang of it though.  That's what I like to see, a nice full jar.


Mind you, it wasn't long before Next Door Kitty appeared.


I tasted it all, just to make sure, although Mum says I'm not supposed to eat them straight out of the jar,


She's still watching.  She's seen the jar, I just know she has.


I'm a big fat ginger keeping watch of my treat jar kitty.


  1. You'd better keep a close eye on that treat jar Puss...that neighbor cat looks mighty sneaky!

  2. Oh no! Now that she's spotted it, you are gonna have to do sentry duty 24/7!

  3. We think you have so many treats now that maybe you could spare a few for your lovely neighbour! :-)

  4. Mmmm yummy treats. Surely you can spare neighbour kitty a couple though.

  5. The second photo, the one where you're looking into your treat jar, is so adorable that it could be in an ad for Temptations. Your mum is very kind to keep your treat jar so full and she even let you eat out of it! Wow! Maybe it wouldn't hurt to spare a few for neighbor kitty. Or maybe your mum could let Neighbor Kitty's mum know how much she enjoys them . We really think NK wants you and your family to adopt her. With a treat jar like that, adopt us too!

  6. That sneaky next door cat better not try to get your yummy treats!!

  7. I did share with Next Door Kitty, of course. It was the only Mancatly thing to do.

    Wouldn't want you all thinking I was a big fat greedy kitty!




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