Friday, 29 October 2010

Important Jobs

Now, you kitties all know that we have very important jobs to perform around the house.  We have to check the perimeter every morning for introoders.  We have to snoopervise the general day to day running, etc, etc.  You kitties all know what I am talking about.

Today, I have two very important extra jobs.  Firstly, rug guarding.


Now, you might think I'm asleep, but I'm not.  Here's proof.  You wouldn't catch me napping on the job.


Secondly, an even more important responsibility.  Can you guess what it is?


Need a clue?  Mum, what happened to the top of my head??


That's right.  I'm the official remote control warmer!


Whenever they can't find the remote, Dad says "is it under the cat?"   I take my responsibilities very seriously!

And another thing - less of the cranky pants!!!

I'm a big fat ginger responsible cat.


  1. Those are very important jobs Puss and you perform them well!

  2. The beans just go crazy when they can't find their remote. You are performing a very valuable task, dear Puss. Maybe an extra can of Fancy Feast whenever they find it "under the cat".

  3. Puss, we're very impressed with your sense of responsibility. Honestly, we have no idea what your humans would do without you!

  4. Wow! You do both of those jobs very well, Puss!! And if you moved that remote to the floor, you could do both at the same time!


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