Friday, 5 November 2010


When I came back in from checking the perimeter this morning, I strolled across the living rom, only to notice out of the corner of my eye that something terrible has happened.  Can you guess what it is?


You guessed it yet?  That's right.  My cushion has vanished!  I sat on the rug for a while, not quite sure what a kitty with a lost cushion should do. This is actually the rug in the hall, which isn't very good for sitting on, but on the plus side it's near my noms.


Then Mum told me she'd put it in the washing machine.  I don't know what a washing machine is, but it doesn't sound good.  Apparently she's been trying to get it out from underneath me for ages, but I'm always sitting on it. Wednesday was a good opportunity, she says, because I always spend Wednesdays underneath the sofa hiding from the dustbin lorry.  I wasn't very impressed with that at all.

So, what's a cushionless kitty to do?  This:


This is Mum's spot on the sofa!!  I'll just sit here until my cushion comes back.

I'm a big fat ginger cushionless cat.


  1. Yikes! We hope you get your cushion back soon, Puss! It'll take a lot of work to get your furs all over it again, so much work we're sure you'll need a long nap to recover!

  2. Not only should you take your human's place on the sofa, you should refuse to move unless the cushion is returned in EXACTLY the condition you last saw it.

  3. Yikes! This is an emergency!!
    No cushion!! Aaargghhhh!!!!!

    Sending our spare cushy over, but, may take a little while since we are oceans apart!!

  4. Noooooooooooo she'll wash all your lovely stinkies away. Stop her!

    We think that you should have sole use of the sofa for 3 weeks for compensation

  5. Well, if your mom is going to steal your cushion, how purrfect that you stole her sitting spot! We hope you get your cushion back soon, Puss.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

    (hee hee! our verification word was boati!)

  6. Oh no! And the worst bit is, when yoo get it back, it'll take ages to get fur all over it again, and get it smelling right again. How awful!

  7. Why do they do that!?! Mommy steals our round beds and takes out all the good kitty funk.

  8. We're glad you found a nice spot to nap while your cushion is gone. We hope it comes back soon.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Well, it looks like that spot on the sofa is pretty nice while you wait for your cushion to come back.


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