Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Never Again to the Boat Thing

My Mum is crafty!  She knew I wouldn't want to go into the PTU, so quietly bought it downstairs whilst I was asleep.  In fact, I didn't even notice it until I was unceremoniously picked up and bundled into it - yes, she's quick too!!

Then, they put me in the boot!  Seems the little green car has run away to live with someone else, so they went in Dad's car.  Don't panic, it wasn't really the boot, but it's a kind of hatchback thing, but I wasn't best pleased, and showed my displeasure by howling all the way.

At the boat thing, it didn't improve.  It was cold.  Dad made a lot of noise poking the black thing in the corner, which finally glowed orange and gave out some heat.  When they had bought everything in, Mum let me out of the PTU, but I was desperate for a wee.  I ran up and down, looking for my box, but couldn't find it anywhere.  Finally, I found a bag of Dad's nicely ironed shirts - I have been known to pee in a bag once before - that I thought would do, but Mum caught me just as I was climbing in.  Good job she knows me, as she quickly had the box out!.

I did try to sleep on the bed, but it was a bit cold, so spent most of the night on the rug in front of the fire.  I don't like sleeping in my own really.  They took my cushion, but it wasn't the same as when it's at home.  I also got a bit box obsessed, and spent lots of time digging and moving my cat litter about, which drove Dad nuts.  Mum said it was because the box was too close to everyone, but It was really a cunning plan on my part!

Dad now thinks I would be happier left at home.  Finally!!


  1. Sometimes you have to hit your humans over the head--figuratively or literally--before they clue in, Puss! Next time we hope you get to stay home!

  2. Yes, we Cats prefer the Familiar. Good job on getting your point across, Puss!

  3. Sometimes its just best to be at home. They may ave got the message.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. If we lived near by, we'd cat sit for you. You seem so unhappy with the boat. We don't blame you. Cold, horrible! And no privacy for you box, horrible, horrible.
    Maybe when mum and dad get the boat thing all sorted out and feeling like home you can try it out again. Love to you.

  5. Gee...you gotta spell it out for some pawrents. Teri always tells us to 'Stop Yelling' and we would if she would just do what we say!


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