Thursday, 25 November 2010

Good News & Bad News

Firstly, happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends!

Blogging has been a bit slow in our house this week due to other things. There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that Dad has fixed my kitty condo (actually, he did that a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to tell you).


He did quite a good job, well, as best as he can, although the side still looks a bit iffy!  I have given it a bit of stick though, so can't really complain.


The bad news is the boaty thing.  This is the boaty thing.


Mum and Dad went away last weekend and moved the boaty thing - Dad wasn't best pleased when he got home.  Apparently the current was too strong, it was freezing cold, dark, and someone threw a brick at them at Worcester.  That doesn't sound good to me at all.  I stayed home in the warm and spent the whole weekend on my cushion, which was much more fun.

Anyway, now the boaty thing is moved and is a lot easier to get to, apparently when they go for the weekend I have go with them, as they think I don't like being left home alone  That means going in the Prisoner Transport Unit and in the car!!  What about my cushion?  What about my noms?  I is going to hide under the sofa and hope they don't notice me!

I is not a happy big fat ginger kitty!!


  1. Puss, we're glad your condo is kitties can be hard on our toys and things.

    Maybe you should think about going on the boat as a big adventure! Then it won't seem so bad. We bet your mom will bring your cushion and will have lots of noms for you too!

  2. Puss you are welcome to teleport over to see us and hide in our tunnel so they can't find you when they want to take you on the boat.

  3. We hope you find a very good hidy spot where you can't be found

  4. Yow! We don't envy you the car rides, Puss. Maybe your cushion will be able to travel with you. Otherwise, hiding under the bed works for us...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie
    pee ess: the book arrived safe and sound! Thanks again - our mom is reading it to us :).

  5. Glad your dad fixed your condo! We think you should hide under the bed (that's what we would do)!

  6. We are glad to hear your condo was renovated but we are a bit upset about your bean's experience on the boat thing. Cold, dark and a brick! Daunting. But it looks lovely, though.
    We wish we lived closer, you could come and stay with us. Mum keeps us nice and warm, always leaves lights on for us and boy, do we have cushions! We know you don't like being left alone, we don't either. We wish we could be of more help. Love to you, dear.

  7. Oh my...Teri loves your boaty thing but she thinks us kitties would rather stay home, too. Someone threw a brick at them? Hooligans!!


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