Friday, 26 November 2010

I am Centurian Pussimuss!

Much excitement in our house this morning, as we received a communique from the Aide de Camp advising that I have been bestowed the honour of Centurian Pussimuss.

"The Universal shining light that is Maximus Spittimus has requested that I thank you for your request to join his Centurion Army.

Maximus hereby confers on you the right to be known as Pussimuss and has stated that your picture and Centurion Rank will appear on shortly.

He is also particularly delighted that one of his new Centurions is a handsome Ginger! (Obviously not as handsome as the Great Maximus of course)...;-)

You are hereby granted immortality and extra fishy food.

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp
Emporer Maximus Spittimus"

Oh hail the great Maximus Spttimuss!

After all that, I need a lie down!


I'm a big fat ginger Pussimuss Cat.


  1. All hail Pussimuss and all hail Maximus Spittimus!

  2. Immortality?
    All Hail Pussimuss!

  3. Uh, I thinks I needs some catnip in order to takes all that in...but it sounds really congrats!

  4. Hahameow...all Teri could think of was the Monty Python centurion skit...Jebus Centurion

    But we don't get it, so we are just purrin concatulations!


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