Thursday, 18 November 2010

Stairs on Thursday

Now, that doesn't rhyme, does it?

Anyway, I spent a bit of time on the stairs, and Mum used the flashy box to capture it for all posterity.


Ho hum, more yellow flashy eyes.


I quite like it on the stairs, cos I can keep an eye on everything.


See how my head just fits in the gap?


Can I just point out this wasn't my idea.

I'm a big fat ginger on the stairs cat.


  1. You have very comfy-looking stairs, Puss. We used ours as a scratcher, even though we have plenty of them around the house, until the mom took up the carpet. Now the stairs are rough bare wood, till she decides what to do with them! Maybe we can transport over and have a go at yours. MOL.

  2. Your stairs give you a great cats-eye view, Puss. Do you ever flop on the middle of the stairs, just as your beans are walking down? heh :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  3. Wow, Puss! One gigantic scratcher! You're one lucky kitty. (And a mighty handsome one too.)


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