Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Return of the Cushion

Now, you all remember my cushion disappeared?  Well, as mysteriously as it vanished, it has returned!

I know you were all worried about it going into the washing machine, and how it would come back without any kitty fur or kitty smells on it.  To be honest, I like a nice clean cushion, in the same way I like to sleep on the ironing, or whatever outfit Mum has laid out on the bed ready for work. Thing's are just not the same unless there's a layer of kitty hair all over it.

Anyway, here's my cushion, back safe and sound.  Of course, I was straight onto it, to make sure it had been washed correctly.


Seems I have turned into a yellow eyed monster!  There's no option for yellow eye removal on iPhoto, apparently.  I'll just carry on re-furring my cushion.


I'm a big fat ginger cat who's clad to see the return of his cushion.


  1. We're glad your cushion is back! It might take a lot of work to fur it up again, so we think you'll need a lot of naps to recover from the effort!

  2. Hooray! We are glad your cushion is back! Now, we'll leave you alone to continue with your refurring efforts. :)

  3. Thankful your cushion has returned and no worse for the trip through the wash!

  4. We're so glad your cushion had magically reappeared!!

  5. Well, your cushion is back, clean and fresh, and appearing none the worse for wear! We love all things fresh and clean too! It is just a cat's natural instinct to be tidy, we guess. Love to you, beautiful boy.

  6. aaaahhh! Glad to see the return of your cushion - enjoy the refurring process! :)

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie


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