Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cushions can be Tricky!

Now, I know Mum’s been a bit slack with the posting over the last couple of days, but she has been a bit poorly with an infection in her tooth.  In fact, it got so bad I gave up trying to sleep on the bed the other night, as she couldn’t sleep and kept kicking me off from where I like to sleep on the back of her legs.  I don’t think she was doing it on purpose though, so of course I have forgiven her.

So, I retreated to the safety of my cushion.

CIMG1202 But look, just like my tail in the door, now my legs don’t fit!  Dad says I’ve killed my cushion, but I like it as it is. 

CIMG1203 But now, I’ve got no legs at all!!! 

Cushions can be tricky.

I’m a big fat ginger cushioned cat!


  1. Oh, we hope your mum's tooth is better soon. A trip to the dentist might be a good thing!

    As for your cushion, we think it looks just purrfect for you. :-)

  2. You are such a handsome dude....and your pillow looks perfect!!!!!!!

    We are so sad to hear your mum is feeling poorly......we are purring for her.

  3. Oh noes! we hope you mum is feeling better and you're back to sleeping on the bed again!

  4. We've been known to roll right off cushions, they can be tricky all right!

  5. We hope your mum's tooth is soon feeling better.

  6. You're a regular cushion magician. We love and wonder about the long legs - short legs combination.


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