Tuesday, 30 March 2010

On a Roll!

Now that Mum’s feeling a bit better after large quantities of antibiotics from the dentist, she’s had a bit of an overhaul with my blog, with a new background and a shuffle of the linkys so it looks a bit more balanced!  Sorry if any of you turned up when she was doing it!  Hope you like the new layout!

I’m a big fat ginger revamped cat!


  1. The water background is purrfect for a boating cat! :-)

  2. Purrfect background for your blog!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the new layouts...great job!

  4. The water is just purrfect for you. We are glad your mum is feeling better.

  5. It looks excellent. The water background is very boaty.

  6. We're not seeing the water backround! Only white! Mum doesn't know what to do!
    We love you, dear.

  7. Hi All. Thanks for your comments on the new layout. I think it looks much better, and as you say, the water is purrfect!!

    Hi Kari. Not sure why you can't see the water background, but it is only a narrow strip down each side, not over the whole blog. Perhaps it's something to do with your screen resolution, but I'm not really sure.




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