Monday, 8 March 2010

New Friends & New Mousies!

Wow, that Cat Blogosphere rocks!  I have lots of new friends, and have also added more kitty blog linkies.  I didn’t realise there were so many other kitty bloggers out there!  Thanks to everyone who has visited so far and left comments. 

Mum’s very excited about my new friends as well.  She says she is going to take some video of me, not that I really know what that is, but the downside is that in order to get the video to the computer, she needs to take the side off and replace one of the bits.  Last time she tried this, the computer broke and Dad was very cross!!

In other news, Mum bought me some new toys, so now I have a gaggle of mousies!

CIMG1171The coloured ones are Circus Mousies, according to the packet.  She didn’t buy the Christmas Mousies, cos you can’t really play with Christmas Mousies in March, and she didn’t want me getting confused.  They have catnip in them, and smell yummy.  I like the white fluffy one though, it squeaks when it moves, and if you get it just right, you can walk away and leave it and it will keep on squeaking!  That really annoys Dad!

After all the excitement, time for a nap!

CIMG1170I’m a big fat ginger moused out cat!


  1. mousies are so much fun! we are saying hello from across the pond. nice to meet another handsome ginger mancat.

    yuki, kintaro & tt
    of kazoku neko

  2. You are lucky to get Circus mousies!!! There are lots of very cool kitties from all over the world in the cat blogosphere.

  3. Wow, Puss, look at all your mousies! Your mom must love you very much. :-)

    -Annie, Nicki and Derry from Fuzzy Tales

  4. Those mousies look great! we're glad we found you and you're our friend.

  5. That is a great mousie collection, we love all of them!


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