Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kitty Litter

I got new kitty litter!!  When we moved here, mum got me a new kitty litter tray.  It’s a bit of a silly thing, fits into a corner and has a door on it.  Here it is.
CIMG1169 Well, it did have a door on it, but cos I’m so fat Mum had to take it off.  It’s supposed to keep the kitty litter inside the box, rather than all over the floor, so I just compensate by trying to pull the mat inside the box.  This one isn’t so good, but there’s another one Mum sometimes uses which I can get right inside.

Mum’s been trying different types of kitty litter.  We had some natural woody stuff, but Mum said I stank too much to keep using that.  I assure you that I don’t stank!   Then we got some brown stuff, which Mum didn’t like as it turned to mud and stuck to the bottom of the tray.  It was real difficult to get off my paws, but I got real good at treading it all round the house and onto the duvet.

Now we’ve got some white stuff, and Mum is very excited about it.  Apparently there is no stanking (well, not from me anyway), and it’s easy clean stuff.  The brown bits you can see in the photo are left over from the brown stuff, and not kitty poo!!  I wouldn’t post pictures of my kitty poo in the internet!


  1. Puss, that's a pretty neat litter box, we've never seen a corner one like that.

    We hope the new litter is purrfect for both you and your mum!

  2. That's a pawsome litter box you've got there!!

  3. We've mever seen a box like that before!

  4. That is a cool litterbox. We have never seen one like it before either. It would need more than it's door taken off for Eric Lardbutt to get in though.

  5. That's a pretty fancy toilet you gots there!

  6. We have found white stuff to be the best too ~ and mom tried us wiv every sort ferst!

    We even tried pink grit but it stained our paws! (and it was too gerly!)

  7. Wow, cool litterbox!

    Mom's big on trying different kinds of litter, too. I don't care, 'cause I don't cover anyway!!

    Max S.


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