Sunday, 7 March 2010

Introoders & Exploring

Today, I’ve been very brave, and have ventured over the garden wall and out into the street.  Dad was very worried about me, even though I was fine hiding under next door’s car, so I didn’t stay out for very long.  

In other news, we’ve had introoders.  Here’s next door’s cat having a sneaky peek in through the window.

CIMG1166I’ve had to be on guard all morning, which wasn’t a bad thing as it was nice and warm and sunny in the garden.

CIMG1167Dad took this one, he’s rubbish with the camera.  It’s been so exciting, I’ve had to come in for a lie down.


I’m a big fat ginger explorer cat!


  1. That introoder is very rude to look in your window like that. They can't look in ours because the purrison fence keeps them out of the garden as well as keeping us in.

  2. pee-ess
    Do you want us to let the Cat Blogosphere know about you so you get more visitors? Leave a comment on our blog if you do.

  3. No not introoders! What is a cat to do? Sounds like you had fun exploring though. Have a nice nap.

  4. Hi Puss! Nice to meet you!! You gotta watch out for those introoders! Next thing you know, they will wanna come in!


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