Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Other Boating Cats & Dogs

A lot of people have left comments – thanks to everyone – about how they have never met a cat who lives on a boat.  Well, I don’t actually live on a boat yet, but I do know of some other cats who do.  Admittedly, these blogs are more about the boating than the animals themselves (which makes no sense to me at all!), but the cats, and the occasional dog, do make an appearance every now and then.  I have added some links below.

Lyra - http://nbluckyduck.blogspot.com/

Tom Kitten - http://wbpippin.blogspot.com/

Daisy the Monster Cat, & Baxter & Mutley - http://contentedsouls.blogspot.com/

Ginger Cat (known as GC) - http://www.grahamoliver.com/gc/gc.htm

Milly - http://narrowboater.blogspot.com/

Boots - http://mortimerbones.blogspot.com/

(Milly & Boots are firm friends!)  Lastly but not leastly,

Floyd & Fletcher - http://narrowboatcaxton.blogspot.com/

You may have to scroll through some of the boaty stuff to get to the animal stuff!  

These cats and dogs are quite famous around the canals.  Indeed, my Mum has met Floyd & Fletcher, and Floyd even sat on her lap for a while, no mean feat for a big black labrador! 

Hope you enjoy the links to something a bit different.

CIMG1172Finally, I’m keeping guard on the step in the sun.

I’m a big fat ginger guarding cat!




  1. Thanks for introducing us to some new furry friends!

  2. Thanks for the links! We imagine it's great fun to be living on a boat and having wonderful adventures. We've seen doggies do it, but didn't know of any cats who did.

    P.S. Puss, you are doing a wonderful job of guarding!

  3. And now you are going to join their ranks on the water. We hope you accept none of that nonsense about it not being about you and be a big fat ginger blogging cat (on a boat).

  4. You must be getting excited about soon living on a boat. We looked at some of your links and saw Tom Kitten and Daisy.

  5. Looks interesting, but way too much water for me!

  6. When mom has time she said we will visit yoor friends. Fanks for the links.


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