Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Now, I don’t usually post so much in one day, but you guys should see this.

Poppy Cam

Poppy, aka PooPoo, had 3 kittens on the 18th March, and they are being streamed live on the internet.  How cool is that!!!  It seems that most of the time they are asleep, but you might get lucky.  I’m watching now with 73 viewers!

I’m a big fat ginger kitten watching cat!


  1. It's sweet, but why on earth wasn't that poor cat spayed to begin with? Foster moms, and shelter and rescue workers/volunteers world-wide would gnash their teeth at this. :-(

  2. Awww ... when we went for a look they were all having their breakfast! Cute or wot?

  3. Lol at everyone going on about Spaying cats. Do you really not want anymore cats in the World?

    Don't forget that sometimes, kittens go to very good homes where the owners are responsible enough to do the spaying etc.

    Did you read the circumstances about how and why that cat got pregnant in the 1st place?


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